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Viridians blisters

Captian Lee Hammer (Character)

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Captain Lee Hammer is a Special Forces officer of some renown, when a risky covert operation is in the offing, his name will usually be at the top of the list. He is an expert in the use of cover and also confers bonuses to his fellow Special Force troopers.

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Colonial Marine Bazooka Loaders

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Bazooka teams are very effective anti-armour troops so do not miss out on their capabilities from losing loaders to enemy fire, be sure to have some in reserve.

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Colonial Marine Bazooka Team

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These Teams provide essential anti-armour support for your Strike-Team against heavy armour targets, especially CLAUs.

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Colonial Marine HGR

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Colonial Marines armed with Heavy Gauss Rifles provide highly mobile light support with this effective, close range, anti-personnel weapon.

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Colonial Marine HMG Team

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Viridian tactical doctrine places great emphasis on weapon teams and in the tight avenues and open lanes of fire present in the urban war zone the Viridians have adopted this heavy machine gun team that combines the suppressive firepower of bulkier mounted chain gun units with the lightweight portability of squad support weapons.

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Colonial Marine Mortar Loaders

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Additional loaders are useful when you start to take casualties, so be sure to have reinforcements to keep your mortars laying down fire.

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Major Icharus Trask (Character)

Code: 13143   View Stat Card(s)
Major Icharus Trask is one of the most famous Shock Marine officers ever to serve in the VAF. Fighting in his custom battlesuit fitted with a pair of Vibro Scythes he is a fearsome close combat opponent, with deadly enhanced first strike capabilities.

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Marine Sniper Firing

Code: 13121   View Stat Card(s)

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Marine Veterans (2 figures)

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Marines (2 figures)

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Marines Firing (2 figures)

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Viridian military doctrines emphasise ranged firepower, and the marines training reflects this, and they are capable of holding their own if the action gets up close and personal.

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Shock Marine (2 figures)

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Fearsome indeed is the reputation of the Shock Marines, the VAF's elite close combat infantry arm. Heavily armed and armoured, with a Vibro Scythe and Negatron Shield respectively, combined with enhanced first strike capabilities make these formidable close combat troops.

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Shock Marine Serg

Code: 13145   View Stat Card(s)
Shock Marines Sergeants enjoy a near mythic status, tales of their exemplary valour and demonic ferocity are the coin of local legend. With higher calibre ratings than regular Shock Marines these are truly one-man armies capable of taking multiple opponents out in hand-to-hand combat in single turn.

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Sniper Veteran Firing

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Viridian sniper veterans are the most deadly long range elements of any faction that can be deployed on the battlefields of Iskandria, underestimate them at your peril.

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Special Forces (2 designs)

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Equipped with Gauss carbines these troops are very useful at short to medium range, and in combination with their spotter and camouflage abilities, make them excellent infiltrators.

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Special Forces Serg

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With their high morale, spotter and camouflage abilities the Special Forces Sergeant makes a formidable infiltrator and spotter, ideal for setting up barrages for support teams.

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Special Forces Veterans (2 designs)

Code: 13132   View Stat Card(s)

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Urban Interdict

Code: 13146   View Stat Card(s)
The Urban Interdicts are equipped with a sophisticated gravchute and shock absorbing drop harness that allows them to land in behind enemy lines which makes them ideal for deep strikes, search and rescue, and interdiction and disruption missions.

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