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VASA blisters

Archangels (2 figures)

Code: 13722   View Stat Card(s)
Archangels are a light troops equipped with jump packs. Composed entirely of females, they are fast moving high mobility units that are suited to reconnaissance, scouting and flanking operations. Equipped with Gauss Carbines they can be at a disadvantage in a long range firefight, but at closer ranges they are dangerous and stubborn foes.

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Black Legion Serg

Code: 13717   View Stat Card(s)
Black Legion sergeants display uncanny pre-cognitive combat skills, anticipating an enemy's next move with alacrity and, with state of the art weaponry and kit, make them superior leaders for VASA Strike-Teams.

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Female Suppressor Serg Firing

Code: 13715   View Stat Card(s)
Suppressor sergeants are equipped with needle gun and force baton- giving them capability in both close combat and at range. They also have high morale, useful to keep your Strike-Team members focused and steady under fire.

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Katrina Alianov (Character)

Code: 13720   View Stat Card(s)
Katrina Alianov, nicked named “Kali” after some obscure death cult from the pre-flood Viridia, is a veritable one “man” army. Equipped with a chain gun and the humble combat knife, which in her expert hands can cut bloody swathes through enemy ranks, she's rightly been ascribed her ancient moniker.

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Red Guard

Code: 13721   View Stat Card(s)
The Red Guard is a shock trooper force that draws recruits from the Black Legion; however they have exchanged their ion lances for a pair of high power gauss pistols that are more suited to their close assault role.

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Suppressor Sniper

Code: 13706   View Stat Card(s)
With special training, and equipped with a powerful long range sniper rifle, a Suppressor Sniper is potent asset on the battlefield. These suppressors offer considerable “reach” with deadly accuracy to your VASA Strike-Team.

In cart:      Stock: 2 EUR 6.60

Suppressors w/Gauss Rifle (2 figures)

Code: 13702   View Stat Card(s)
Some view Suppressors as necessary for the maintenance of law and order; to others however, they are faceless figures of grim authority and oppression. This Gauss Rifle armed variant has good solid ranged capability.

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Suppressors w/Stun Baton & Battleshield (2 figures)

Code: 13701   View Stat Card(s)
Suppressors form the core of VASA's regular armed forces. They are highly motivated professional troops that perform a wide variety of security and combat roles. This variant, with Force baton and Battleshield, is ideally suited to close combat roles.

In cart:      Stock: 3 EUR 9.60