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CLAU boxes

To play with these models you need the Original CLAU Team Actions book.

There is not yet a 2nd Edition version of this book available. We plan to have this book releases by the end of this year as well as the needed 2nd Edition Stat Cards.

CLAU boxes

Gladiator CLAU: Razorback

Code: 34206

In cart:      Stock: 1 EUR 42.00

Junker CLAU: Titus IV Nero

Code: 34608

In cart:      Stock: 1 EUR 36.00

Junker CLAU: Titus IV Scorpio

Code: 34607

In cart:      Stock: 1 EUR 36.00

Koralon CLAU: Venom Drake

Code: 34510

In cart:      Stock: 0 EUR 36.00

Triad CLAU: Typhoon

Code: 34412

In cart:      Stock: 1 EUR 36.00

Viridian CLAU: Tomahawk

Code: 34112

In cart:      Stock: 1 EUR 36.00